About Laminar Aviation, Inc.

The humble beginnings of our flying school started in San Carlos, California U.S.A. in 2005 by our Founder at the age of 23 – founded on the philosophy which focuses on standardized, quality & safe flight instructions from start to finish. He also believes that nothing is impossible for anyone who has a strong will to pursue what one desires. And there is certainly a lucrative reward awaiting anyone with a relentless pursuit for success, especially a qualified and certified pilot.

He dared the western skies of this wonderful American country of the free by establishing a flying school. Progress and development in business were viewed by others to be seemingly little and slow compared to those with huge financial resources. But who would think that his journey of a thousand miles could truly begin from small steps? Our Founder firmly believes in the Filipino pilot’s strong will for excellence in aviation.

Laminar Aviation, Inc. is now an established aviation school in Subic Bay, Philippines, and has capitalized with more than 20 years of aviation industry experience, 18 years of which is ground and flight training. Airline experience of 9 years with five years of extensive level.


To propel your dreams of earning your captain’s wings.


Solidifying core academic foundation to ensure highest level of safety and quality in preparation for experiential transition .

Through the years of Laminar Aviation



Our Humble Beginning

It was a leap of faith and call for passion for our founder to establish a flying school in San Carlos, California at age 23.


Upsize and Upgrade

Three years later, we transferred to a larger facility in Hayward, California where we ventured in aircraft detailing and in-house maintenance facility.


Arrival in the Philippines

Laminar Aviation arrived in the Philippines equipped with 19 years of aviation industry experience 18 years of which in ground and flight training, 9 years in the airlines with 5 years of top level management experience.


Groundbreaking Ceremony

As we gear up for our experiential transition to lead the flight training industry as the newest aviation school, Laminar Aviation had its official groundbreaking of our new place we call home at Subic Bay Freeport Zone where will nest our two brand new hangars.


Laminar Launches in the Philippines

With a global demand of 637,000 commercial airline pilots, 253,000 of which in Asia Pacific from year 2017 to 2036, the newest pilot school in the Philippines, Laminar Aviation, officially made its mark with a grand launch at our Subic hangar as we prepared to fly with you beyond greater heights. Rest assured that our aviation professionals will be with you every step of the way.


Aircraft Arrival

Procurement of our robust fleet from U.S.A. strategized to four types of aircraft enabling our trainees with flexibility to which aircraft to build their foundation.  Our fleet is equipped with modern avionics and communication devices.



2,755 sqm. state-of-the-art brand new two hangars located at Boton Ramp, Subic Bay International Airport.


As we re-open our horizon towards our mission and vision here in the Philippines by July 2019. It shall be our paramount objective to lead the industry.